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Salesfactor iOS 7.1 Update

 Dear Customer,

Apple recently shipped iOS 7.1, the first major update since its newest mobile operating system launched in September 2013.

The update, which was made available on March 10th, includes support for CarPlay, the in-car, hands-free user interface for the iPhone, which debuted the previous week. According to Apple's release note, other enhancements in iOS 7.1 ranged from several for Siri, the voice-activated and voiced personal assistant, to additions within iTunes Radio, Apple's free, ad-supported music streaming service.

Several stability and reliability bugs were addressed in the update, including one that improved Touch ID fingerprint recognition on iPhone 5S smartphones, and a vague pledge of "improved performance for iPhone 4," the oldest of Apple's handsets able to run the operating system.

The initial testing performed with Salesfactor has not reported any issue and we do not have a reason to recommend a hold to users to proceed with an update. Leapfactor will continue performing testing and if an issue is discovered we will proceed to evaluation and fixing if applicable.

Thank you for your attention. If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team or your account manager. We are committed to your success and we are thankful for your trust.

Best Regards,
The Leapfactor Team

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